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Version History/Release Notes


5.1.0 - MacOSX/Windows

New Feature - Multi-Currency support

New Feature - Results report including multi currencies (Currency report)

New Feature - Play variations report shows variations based on real results and playing style (Play Variations report)

Improvement - Functionality/efficiency improvements

Improvement - Decimal/Thousands symbols work properly in french locale

Improvement - Sessions statistics can open in a separate window when the window height is not big enough

Bug - Best/Worst casinos show correct results

Bug - Casino list sorts entries properly


5.0.1 - Windows 

Bug - Permission issues corrected under some Windows 7 updates


5.0.1 - MacOS 

Bug - Fixed a bug that was making new/edit session window crash the application in certain circumstances


5.0.0 - MacOS/Windows 

New Feature - Users can keep track of non-BlackJack results

New Feature - Frequency distribution of playing sessions

New Feature - Financial reports available (Profit/Loss per Year, Profit/Loss Statement)

New Feature - Keep track of the working shifts of casino personnel (Shifts report)

Improvement - New user interface

Improvement - Interactive bankroll chart


4.0.2 - Windows 

New Feature - Option to display decimals amounts

New Feature - Option to define default casino/country/city/num. of players for quick data entry

Improvement - Some permissions and security issues under Windows 7

Improvement - Minor aesthetic issues with chart labels

Improvement - New list controls are implemented

Improvement - At the session details window, A casino appears in the casino popup menu, even if its hidden

Bug - Proper tips calculation

Bug - The average result/hour and maximum loss show correctly

Bug - The bankroll chart over time represents dates in proper order when the time unit is weeks and months


4.0.1 - Windows

Improvement - New date control is used

Improvement - The code fields have been removed from sessions and casino windows

Improvement - The check for update process doesn’t show a message when the check is at the startup and there is no new version

Improvement - New filter controls are used in sessions and import/export panels

Improvement - Some issues have been fixed regarding performance and appearance

Improvement - Better logo resolution

Improvement - The installation wizard grands proper privilages to the user account whenever possible under Windows 7 (Please see Installation Notes)

Bug - The import/export/backup wizards doesn’t crash the application

Bug - A spelling error in Export wizard was corrected

Bug - The bankroll chart over time represents dates in the proper order

Bug - The casino image is saved and retrieved properly at the information panel at the casino details windows


4.0.0 - MacOSX/Windows

First public release

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