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After purchasing a license, NusEnvision offers two services for its customers:

  • Data import
  • Unlock license

Data Import

AceKing has the feature that allows users to import previous data. Since this might sometimes end up to be a very complicated procedure, NusEnvision can help by performing this procedure. 


Unlock License

The user sets up a password to protect the privacy of the data. AceKing asks for the password everytime it is launched. Moreover, during the set up procedure, the user is asked to define a secret question. In the rare case that the user forgets the password, the secret question is used to delete it and set it to blank. If the user can't remember or can't retrieve the answer to the secret question, he/she can purchase an unlock code from NusEnvision.

Please Note: NusEnvision can not retrieve a password but only set it to blank (reset). 

For current pricing of the services, please click here.

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